Loan for business About 1.6 lakh small traders to get loan for business

25 Aug 2018

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the maximum amount of compensation to small traders in natural calamities will be increased to Rs one lakh from Rs 16 thousand. Spots for hand cart pullers will also be marked in the cities. Banks will provide loans to one lakh 60 thousand small traders under Mukhya Mantri Swarozgar Yojana, Arthik Kalyan Yojana and Mudra Bank Yojana on government guarantee this year. The 15-percent subsidy of the loan amount and 5 percent interest amount will also be given by the government.

CM Chouhan was addressing the Shahri Hitgrahi Sammelan at Motilal Nehru Stadium on August 25. The programme was telecast live in 378 cities of the state. The Chief Minister held a direct dialogue with beneficiaries of Hoshangabad, Vidisha, Dewas, Ujjain, Jabalpur and Gwalior. He distributed benefits to the beneficiaries of Bhopal.

Extend support to government in fight against poverty

Chief Minister Chouhan has called upon small and marginal traders to join the Government in the fight against poverty. Make life better with the efforts of the government to defeat poverty and make them successful. The purpose of the government is everyone’s development. This will happen only when the light of development reaches the huts of the poor. Along with increasing the income of the poor, the government is providing them cheap grains, free treatment, education, electricity on flat rate, waiving of outstanding bills, pucca houses, assistance to women during pregnancy and post-delivery, besides financial assistance on sudden death and for last rites. Work is being done to make the cities better. For the supply of pure drinking water, tap water schemes are being constructed in all the 378 urban bodies under the Chief Minister's Drinking Water Scheme. Illegal colonies are being legalized. Smart cities are being created. Sewage systems are also being made in 60 percent of the cities.

Poor will no longer be under compulsion

CM Chouhan said that history shows that the poor have been subjected to injustice. But now the poor will not live under compulsion. The previous governments sent money to big houses. But our government has turned this amount towards the poor. Many slogans for the eradication of poverty were made but the work of removing poverty is being done by his government. The government has prepared a way to eliminate poverty by fulfilling the needs of the poor because natural resources are for everyone but only a few people are using it. Hence, those last in the line are being provided a major portion of the resources of the government. Mukhya Mantri Jan Kalyan Yojana has been launched to fulfil this. For registration, only one application has to be given in writing by the applicant. There will be no verification for the registration.

For every need, the poor will get the support of ‘Sambal’

The Chief Minister said that the person registered in the scheme will be given land if he does not own a piece of land. If the land is not available, flat will be given in a multi-storey building. In the next four years, pucca houses will be made available to all. The government will bear the education fees for children. Electricity bill will be made available at a flat rate of Rs 200 per month. The outstanding balance of the bill will be waived. Women will be given Rs 4 thousand during pregnancy and Rs 12 thousand post-delivery for nutritious meals. Free treatment will be given. Rs 2 lakh will be given on unnatural death, Rs 4 lakh in case of death by accident to a person under the age of 60. Registration work is in progress. The Chief Minister said that to extend support to the government in the fight against poverty, it is essential not to spend hard-earned money on alcohol etc. Children should be educated under all conditions. Women must be respected. He said that the state was the first to have enacted the law of death penalty to the rapists.

Benefits of more than crore three lakhs were distributed to 11 thousand 563 beneficiaries under Sambal Yojana by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation during the programme.

Beneficiaries inform about change during direct dialogue with CM

The Chief Minister spoke to Smt. Faiza Bi of Hoshangabad who told him that their financial condition has considerably improved after they received a loan of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 60 thousand grant under the Mukhya Mantri Swarozgar Yojana. Smt. Rekha Dhakad of Vidisha said that pucca house was a dream for them, which has become a reality through the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Smt. Hemlata Thakur of Dewas said that her parents had become helpless after her brother’s death in an accident but the assistance of Rs 4 lakh helped them in settling down in life.

Ujjain's Smt. Nikita Pawar informed that she is running a training centre with a loan of Rs one lakh and a grant amount of Rs 20 thousand obtained under the Financial Welfare Scheme. Giving information about the pleasant changes that took place in his life after changing his pedal rickshaw into an e-rickshaw, Shri Pappu Gupta of Jabalpur said that his children are now studying in a good private school. Smt. Kamini Kori of Gwalior informed that after the death of her husband she went through depression due to the difficult times they were facing, but the assistance of Rs 2 lakh gave her new hope to live.