Speaking truth is good for democracy: Chief Minister

05 Dec 2017
Speaking truth is good for democracy: Chief Minister

In the presence of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Speaker of Legislative Assembly Shri Sitasaran Sharma, deputy speaker Shri Rajendra Singh, Deputy Leader of Opposition Shri Bala Bachchan, 10 male and female MLAs of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly were awarded with Sansdiya Samman in five categories in Mansarovar Auditorium of the Legislative Assembly today. Award for excellent minister was given to Finance Minister Shri Jayant Malaiya.

The MLAs who are feted are Shri Govind Singh, Sushri Usha Chaudhary, Shri Yashpal Singh Sisodia, Sushri Sheela Tyagi, Shri Murlidhar Patidar, Sushri Mamta Meena, Shri Sukhendra Singh, Sushri Hina Likhiram Kanwre and MLA Shri Sundarlal Tiwari (who could not attend the programme). They were presented shawl, citation and bouquet. The award ceremony was organised by Nai Dunia newspaper group. Cabinet members, MPs, MLAs and dignitaries were present on the occasion.

 Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Legislative Assembly is the temple of democracy. It should be kept free from the narrow-mind approach of ruling and opposition. What is truth should be stated. This is good for the country and the democracy. He said that one side of political leader is presented before the society. His devotion for the work and hard work is not assessed. Referring untimely deaths of MLAs, he said that they were so busy in public services that they could not take care of their health and life. He said that politics divide political leaders. The initiative of Nai Dunia to connect political leaders is commendable.

  Legislative Assembly Speaker Shri Sitasaran Sharma said that awareness ushers in change. The role of journalism is important in maing the public aware and accountable to public representatives. It is  called as  the fourth pillar of democracy. Three pillars' work and powers have been defined in the constitution. The forth pillar has been quoted merely in the article 19. The Supreme Court has made it more powerful by different decisions. Responsibility comes with the power. He explained the need of thinking in this direction.

Deputy Speaker of Legislative Assembly, Shri Rajendra Singh said that the society which wants to move forward, should continue to respect the excellence. The initiative of Sansdiya Samman by Nai Dunia is an appreciating one. He mentioned the specialties of award winner MLAs.

Chief Executive Officer of Jagran Group Sanjay Gupta said parliamentary working and knowledge build image of politicians. They prove them competent for the highest positions of the country. Journalism and politics complement each other. The ability to understand politicians is more in journalists. He hoped that Sansdiya Samman would be the source of inspiration for politicians.

State Editor of Nai Dunia, Shri Ashish Vyas shed light on the concept of Sansdiya Samman. Chief Executive officer of Nai Dunia Shri Rakesh Shukla proposed the vote of thanks. Senior journalist Prashant Mishra was present on this occasion