Suggestions for Hanuwantiya Jal Mahotasav 2017-18

23 Nov 2017
Suggestions for Hanuwantiya Jal Mahotasav 2017-18

Once an unexplored place, now a destination where India’s largest water carnival is held.

Set up in the lap of Hanuwantiya Island besides the pristine waters of Indira Sagar Dam, the picturesque escapade here complements the joy that lies in the spirit of adventure. Flying above the sparkling waters or speeding through it, India’s one of its kind water festival has an array of land, water and air adventure activities all set on one canvas called Jal Mahotsav. The festival is also a cultural representation of Madhya Pradesh - a culture that represents vibrancy, rich heritage and not to miss out, sumptuous food!

The water festival has now made the culturally rich Madhya Pradesh known for its adventure tourism too. It gives one more reason to the people to tour to Madhya Pradesh. Along with celebrating the spirit of adventure, the festival also celebrates the spirit of MP. The absolute brilliance of the local artisans and craftspeople, melodious folk music and performances and lip smacking cuisine - all these precisely describes and defines what “The Heart of India” truly stands for.

MP Tourism welcomes you to share your opinion, ideas, and suggestions to improve the services, accessibility, addition of events in the upcoming “Hanuwantiya Jal Mahotasav”, which is scheduled to be held from 15 October, 2017 to 2 January, 2018.

For more information on Hanuwantiya Jal Mahotsav click here

Last date of submissions of suggestions is 09th December, 2018

Click here to watch video on Hanuwantiya Water Festival, Madhya Pradesh

Click here to watch video on Hanuwantiya Jal Mahotsav